White Shark Media And How It Has Impacted On Thousands Of Businesses

White Shark Media is a firm that is great at AdWords Management as well as a Google AdWords top SMB partner. The digital marketing agency offers marketing solutions. The online solutions designed particularly for small as well as mid-sized businesses. In North America, White Shark Media is regarded as one the digital agencies that are expanding at a fast rate. The growth is driven by the firm’s development of search marketing campaigns that are cost effective. Additionally, the firm also provides an outstanding customer experience.


The company was formed in 2010. Presently, it has over 144 employees and more than 600 clients. White Shark Media’s major clients include Platinum Pro Painters Canada and A Star Movers Texas. It has a high client retention rate of 8-10%. Additionally, it offers mid-level prices. That is for the average marketer. Among its primary services include mobile marketing, web development, search engine optimization, and pay per click management. Moreover, White Shark Media also offers pay per click engines, conversion optimization, and landing page optimization.


As a leading SMB partner of the Google AdWords, White Shark Media is one of the handpicked agencies that meet the stringent eligibility along with training requirements of Google. Its services including free evaluation of AdWords performance and specialized management solutions for AdWords have benefited thousands of SMBs.


When it comes to the AdWords performance evaluation, which is free, White Shark Media offers a risk-free assessment. That is done by an expert. It also helps the customers to understand their weaknesses and strengths. Additionally, the company gives clients a chance to understand the things it can do in a different way and its cost as well. White Shark Media’s AdWords Management Solutions are provided by a staff that is certified by both internal as well as external standards. Additionally, communication is done via email and phone.


Many small businesses currently trust White Shark Media. That is because the company has enabled them to expand their business consistently. Others have increased their sales from the PPC efforts and the number of new clients. White Shark Media has managed to achieve that by being the best at what they do and ensuring that their clients are satisfied.