WEN Cleansing Conditioner Gives Hair Shine and Volume

In a recent Buzzle.com article, Emily talks about her experience using WEN by Chaz Dean. She claims to have very fine, thin hair that sometimes gets frizzy, oily and unruly. She did a seven-day experiment where she washed her hair each morning using Chaz Dean’s created Cleansing Conditioner. The product is an all-in-one shampoo, conditioner and styling solution. One thing Emily noticed was that the instructions called for a much larger amount of the product than she was used to using with her normal shampoo. As she massaged the product into her scalp and down through her hair, she claimed that her hair felt thicker right away. If you have very fine hair, you do almost anything to increase thickness.
On day two, she noticed the same shine and bounce after washing and blow-drying. On day three, she repeated the process and was again very happy with her results. On the fourth day, she woke up late and could not shower or wash her hair. Day five was much better. She showered and used the Wen product on her hair, with very good results. On the sixth day, she repeated the use of WEN in the morning. She met friends that evening and received several complements on how shiny and healthy her hair looked. Day seven was a repeat of day six. In her final thoughts Emily stated that for her hair type, thin and fine, WEN gives it an extra shine and bounce. She needs to wash her hair every day to maintain the look.

WEN Cleansing Conditioner is a 5-in-1-formula. It is a shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler and a leave in conditioner. The benefits of WEN include the fact that it does not use harsh sulfates that most shampoos use, so it is much gentler on your hair. It is designed to leave hair stronger, moister and more manageable. The sephora endorsed product uses Glycerin, a humectant for moisturizing. Chamomile extract gives hair a soothing and calming feature. Wild Cherry Bark is for conditioning, Rosemary soothes hair and Panthenol strengthens it and restores resilience

WEN FAQ page: http://www.wen.com/faq.html

The Next Step In E-Communication Is Here Now

The email has been the default messaging system for years now. The way we use the email system is about to change. Talk Fusion is set to make it an easier and faster way to communicate via email. Bob Reina, the company’s CEO is dedicated to making this a reality worldwide. The simple, yet fantastic idea of embedding a video into email messages seems like a no-brainer.

A study conducted by the Relevancy group suggested that marketing campaigns in video emails increased revenues by 40%. That is a very large increase in any business’s bottom line. The most obvious benefit here is that video is faster than reading through text. It’s far more engaging for the recipient and is easily remembered. The entire thing started when Reina wanted to embed 10 seconds of video to an email and send it to some friends. America Online (AOL) said that it wasn’t possible.

That was back in 2007. His resolve to make it happen never wavered however. He got together with a tech-friend of his and they perfected the system for large scale use. Now the videos are at 5-10 minutes in duration. The greatest part about Talk Fusion is that it offers the service with an ease of use interface.

On the other end, you can do the entire process from scratch if you like. Clearly this is the next step in the way we communicate. Marketing companies of all kinds are sure to benefit greatly from this advance. Why wouldn’t you use video for your marketing rather than text? It’s obviously the way to go for serious businesses.

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