Gifts for Grads and Dads

Having trouble finding the perfect gift for the world’s best dad? Or maybe you have a graduate that deserves to be celebrated with a gift. No problem!

Andrew and Michelle, along with other well known business representatives, give a variety of gift ideas that can make any dad anxious to use his new toy, or any graduate ready to take the next step.

One of the products introduced in this review would be a great gift or addition for graduates. It is an app called Covve. Covve was created to help it’s users maintain relationships with the people in your life. The Teleclutch was also introduced in this video. This would be a great gift for graduates also. The Teleclutch allows its users to carry their phones, cards, and cash as a hands-free cross-body bag. For a more versatile look, the strap can be removed and the cross-body then transitions into a folio wallet.

A gift for both graduates and fathers is the Privacy Shield. Privacy Shield is an external device the connects to smart speaker devices such as Amazon’s Echo or Google Home . If users want for their conversations to be private, they can activate the privacy shield and their devices will not listen to their conversations. For those dads and grads that love the outdoors, there is a new camping app that is sure to assist in making your camping getaway enjoyable and as stress-free as possible. It is the Coleman App. There are also lanterns and tents that have been created to coordinate with the technology of the app.

Looking for a gift specifically for Dad? Well Stealth Hitches provides a seamless hitch attachment to any car. For the dad that likes to attach his boat to the back of the vehicle this is the perfect gift.


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