Susan McGalla is a Role Model for Women in Business Everywhere

Susan McGalla is a successful business woman that has inspired many who have a vision of a more equal business world. In many industries it is still very difficult for women to reach leadership positions in fields that are male-dominated. For many women and girls, Susan McGalla serves as an excellent role model to women everywhere on just how successful a woman can be despite the challenges they may face in industries historically dominated by men.

McGalla initially started her career at American Eagle Outfitters, at a time when no women held leadership positions at the company. Over time, she managed to climb the promotional latter and become the President and Chief Merchandising Officer at the company before she left. After leaving American Eagle, McGalla founded P3, an international management consulting company. Currently, McGalla proudly holds the title of Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers football team, in an industry currently dominated by mostly men.

Women’s initiatives have helped women in the business world, but aren’t the best solution to the lack of women in many fields. Another option is to create chances for executive sponsorship for women working towards leadership roles in industries difficult for women. A sponsor can open new doors and create more opportunities for women to advance their careers and get closer to leadership positions. It is important the women support each other in business so women can work for the same success that Susan McGalla has achieved in her career.

In the end, hopefully McGalla’s great success and many achievements can help inspire more women to seek out business careers and there will be more support for business women in the future so there can be similar success stories. Statistically, companies with more diversity in leadership roles tend to outperform companies with less diversity in these positions, so everyone should strive to make a change for a better company and a more equal business world.

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