Meet Mike Baur and Know Much about Triumphant Entrepreneurial Journey

Anyone venturing into the business world or aiming at becoming a successful entrepreneur needs to have the big picture in mind. Switzerland is known to produce some of the most talented entrepreneurs and business people like Mike Baur. Mike comes from a region known as Fribourg and he has been a celebrated entrepreneur especially in the banking industry. He currently serves as the Co-founder and an executive Chairman at Swiss Startup Factory. Those who know Mike can affirm that he has been in the Swiss banking industry for more than 20 years. He has even worked for some of the reputable major Private Banks in Swiss such as USB and Clariden Leu.

Mike is a man who got fascinated by Banking and Finance subjects since he was a teenager. When someone develops such a strong desire for something at that tender age, the power to pursue it is always irresistible. He started his journey towards his entrepreneurial vision in 2014 when he was 39 years old. He founded the Swiss Startup Factory together with his two close partners Max Mister and Oliver Walzer. Amazingly, Swiss Startup Factory has become the top privately financed company. Its ICT Startup Accelerator is independent, and this has given this company a great name in the country.

In most of the entrepreneurial programs running in the country, Mike is always involved. He is so dedicated to entrepreneurial programs that mostly touch on mentorship and youths. Mike is committed to giving other Switzerland Startups the financial help they need. At Swiss Startup Association, Mike offers his services in the capacity of a Co-founder and Director. Mike participated at the START Summiteer as a jury member. The Summiteer is usually pitched at the St Gallen University as a contest for start-ups. In January 2016, CTI Invest entered into a partnership deal with Swiss Startup Factory, and Mike became the Deputy Managing Director.

This businessman is a graduate of the Rochester University in New York and also of Berne University. He graduated with a master’s degree in Business Administration. His entrepreneurial journey, startup investments, and Swiss Banking background have been well profiled by The Wall Street Journal. It’s Mike who has been behind the Swiss Factory’s fundraising and financing rounds. The Swiss Startup Factory was founded with the objective of searching for digital business people and entrepreneurs with a clear vision of thriving in business. The company has strong network ties that offer these entrepreneurs exciting opportunities in Switzerland and across the globe.

OSI Group CEO Sheldon Lavin Wins 2016 Global Visionary Award

Sheldon Lavin is the chief operating officer of the internationally known food processing company the OSI Group. He is the visionary behind the company’s growth from simply a company that processes and distributes meat throughout the Mid West into a global force in the food processing industry. Over the past 40 years, Sheldon Lavin has unleashed a global expansion plan that has resulted in the OSI Group providing meat, vegetable and dough products to customers in 85 countries. In recognition of his vision and persistence, Sheldon Lavin was given the 2016 Global Visionary Award.

After earning degrees in finance and accounting in college, Sheldon Lavin went on to have a very successful career in the banking industry. He then founded and ran an accounting firm. It was through that firm that Lavin became aware of and involved with the OSI Group. In the 1970s, the company, then called Otto & Sons, needed money to get equipment and larger facilities. So they turned to Lavin and his accounting firm. Seeing the potential the company possessed, Sheldon Lavin not only got Otto & Sons the finances they wanted, he began regularly purchasing the company’s stock.

When the company’s original owners retired in the 1980s, Sheldon Lavin owned enough shares of Otto & Sons stock to take over the company. He changed its name to the OSI Group and formulated a detailed plan for expanding the company into a global operation. Lavin instituted a series of thoughtful, forward-looking worker, food production and environmental stewardship policies and procedures to guide the company’s activities. He wanted to ensure the OSI Group not only offered the highest quality products, but maintained an excellent worker, food and environmental safety record as well.

A husband, father and grandfather, family is very important to Sheldon Lavin. And he has managed to maintain a family atmosphere among the staff at the OSI Group even as the company grew to have more than 20,000 workers. Lavin created an excellent benefits package for the staff that ensured they and their loved ones are treated well. He also maintains an open-door policy and solicits ideas from rank and file staff, regularly dines with employees on every level of the company and encourages everyone to call him by his first name. This type of leadership has helped the entire staff to feel they have a real stake in the success of the OSI Group.

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Shiraz Boghani – Service With A Smile

About Shiraz Boghani
A native Kenyan, Shiraz Boghani moved to the UK in 1969. He began his career as an accountant, but longed to do more than numbers. So he eventually ventured into the hospitality industry.

Currently, Shiraz Boghani is Chairman and Co-Founder of Sojourn Hotels LLP. Boghani is also a partner of Sussex Health Care Limited. He is the Director and Managing Partner of Splendid Hotels Group.

He now has several years of hospitality industry experience and manages close to 20 hotels in the UK. Shiraz Boghani recently received the Asian Business Award and the Hotelier of the Year Award. His strong suit is accounting, but he really is extremely passionate about the hospitality industry.

About Splendid Hospitality Group
Splendid Hospitality Group is UK’s fastest growing and popular hotel group. It is known for it’s beautifully designed hotels in the UK. The hotels are styled with luxury in mind, no matter if it is a luxury hotel or a limited service one. In addition, it has the backing support of famous brands such as IHG and Hilton, just to name a few.

About Other Ventures
His new upcoming project is the development and opening of the luxurious Hilton London Bankside in London. He has a host of other projects to increase his hotelier status in the UK. Shiraz Boghani has philanthropic ties to Aga Khan Foundation a charity organization. Boghani has always had an eye for making big moves to enhance his company.

Shiraz Boghani is the Co-Founder of Sussex Health Care, established in 1985. Sussex Health Care is a group of care homes for the elderly and the mentally ill. Boghani saw a need for this type of health care system; and created it with his partners. Boghani’s charity and entrepreneurial spirit knows no bounds. He is surely to continue giving to his community, increasing his hotelier business, and making health care homes available to those in need.

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Paul Mampilly Keeps the Investment Tempo high with Profits Unlimited

He is the chief editor of Profits Unlimited. He is the owner and founder of several other publications including True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes. Mr. Mampilly gained experience from Wall Street. He is a former hedge fund manager who accumulated the knowledge and is now using it to enrich investors in the USA. Paul joined Banyan Publishing in 2016. He launched his Profits Unlimited newsletter and was soon flying high with his maiden venture as a consultant. It is now reported that Profits Unlimited newsletter is now doing over 100 000 subscribers. He has carved a niche for himself as a leading stocks investments advisor. Visit to know more.

What Paul Mampilly has achieved


Paul has, so far, helped thousands of people gain entry into the lucrative stocks business; thanks to his insightful advice regarding the trends in the markets. Paul also has a loud and conspicuous presence on social media. He has a Facebook account that is doing almost 3000 followers. Mr. Mampilly is known for his astounding insights that leave the pundits and the laymen alike, baffled. He is often interviewed by mainstream media stations who try to get to the bottom of his investment advice secrets. It has been reported that Mr. Mampilly has helped his clients gain between 25% and 45% in stocks trade without necessarily involving in risky bets or guesswork. Paul has won the prestigious Templeton Foundation Award for Investment.



Paul Mampilly Background


He is originally from India. Paul Mampilly was born in a poor rural location in India. His parents died when he was still young. He was motivated by what was happening around him to succeed in life. He later moved to the US at the age of 18. He has an MBA from Montclair State University. He worked with several institutions including Bankers Trust in which he was the Portfolio Manager. He also worked for ING, and Kinetics Asset Management. His work at Kinetics is quite memorable because the account he managed later grew into a multi-billion one. He gained from his work as a hedge fund manager and as a Wallstreet hawk-eyed business analyst to start his, now, thriving ventures. Profits Unlimited is a monthly Subscription Newsletter in which Paul Mampilly advises his followers on the best stocks to invest in. He has been recently quoted in various media, advising his subscribers and fans that they should not venture into bitcoin. He says that the cryptocurrency is too volatile. He also says that it is a great idea to put one’s money in the natural energy sector. He predicts that natural energy sources are the next big thing on Wallstreet. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Paul Mampilly.

How Fortress Investment Group Pioneered Its Way Through

You can look at the 20 year history of Fortress Investment Group and see that this is a private equity group with a story to tell. Anyone who cares to look at the history of this group can tell you they’ve done some serious work in helping the public earn more respect for private equity. In fact, Fortress Investment Group was the first private equity group to be publicly traded. That changed everything for the better when people finally realized there was a potential for profit and did what they could to help foster it for their own interests. With billions to prove their success, Fortress Investment Group has come a long way.

Fortress Investment has focused on a combination of liquid hedge funds, credit funds, and private equity to get them where they are. That combination has worked wonders for them and placed them in a place where few others are. They now control over $70 billion in assets and they have even more to grab. The ambition that has allowed them to reach where they are now is something everyone would like to have. It isn’t easy to make into the private equity world and it’s hard to get to the point that you have billions to work with. That happened over the course of a long time and it continues to grow. Hedge funds are some of the most difficult investment portfolios to manage. Only those who are top ranking investors can truly understand what it takes to do so.

Fortress Investment Group has gotten as far as it has today because it is able to pick itself up after a huge loss. The 2008 recession did considerable damage to Fortress Investment Group but the firm was able to recover because it focused on trying to give the world the best that it can offer. When you come in with that mindset it’s not hard to make a full recovery. You will always find great investors who want to partake in that and are willing to do everything they can to support it. Fortress Investment Group is designed in such a way that it can always weather any storm and will have investors lining up to join in. The last 20 years have been an amazing ride for Fortress Investment Group and there is certainly more for them ahead. Looking at the bright road ahead shows nothing but promise.

Getting Legal Assistance with Ricardo Tosto

If you’re in Brazil and need legal help, you’ll be met with dozens of lawyers who are simply not able to help you in the way that benefits you. Many lawyers will deny your case if it’s something they cannot handle while other overcharge for these services. If you’re having trouble finding a good lawyer, you should look no further than Ricardo Tosto. Having the right lawyer can make a world of difference for you, and this is why you need to consider this for yourself and know that it is something that will definitely help.

There are so many people currently using Ricardo Tosto and finding this professional lawyer to be one of the very best in Brazil. What sets Ricardo Tosto apart from a lot of other attorneys is that he works with all types of cases and clients, so no matter what type of case you have at the moment, he is more than likely to help you out with what you need. There are also a lot of people who are choosing to hire Ricardo Tosto because of his personable approach, and there are lots of reasons to give him a try for yourself.

The more that you work with Ricardo Tosto, the more you will realize that he is a professional lawyer with years of trusted experience. He works on lots of cases and can assist you on your own. Whether you’re going into court with your own case or have been sued by someone else, hiring Ricardo Tosto and getting him to help out will make a huge difference when it concerns the outcome of the case in question. Plus, Ricardo Tosto can work on an established budget that is right for you so that you do not feel like you’re going broke because of it all. There are so many reasons to give this amazing professional a try for yourself, so make sure to give his office and legal team a call to find out more about what he can do for you and what to expect when you are filing a case.

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Whitney Wolfe, Taking The Dating Scene By Storm

Whitney Wolfe is recognized as one of Forbes 30 under 30 businesswomen. This is in regard to her dating app that has over 3 million users in less than 3 years since its foundation. Her dating app bumble is a feminist dating site that allows the women to make the first move. Unlike other dating apps, in Bumble, when two people are found to be a match, only the woman can initiate conversation. If the man does not respond in 24 hours, then the match disappears.

Whitney’s inspiration in creating Bumble was to create a friendly dating environment for women. Since in this app the woman making the first move is the only way to get the conversation started, it does away with stereotyping common in the dating scene. In other sites, women get judged and tagged as desperate or headstrong just because they made the first move.

Apart from giving women the upper hand, Bumble has features that helps its users to find female friends as well as jobs. It’s Bumble BFF and Bumble biz features, it allows its users to find friendship and develop their careers. It’s Bumbles way of empowering women and providing them with a safe place to be themselves without fear of criticism from the opposite sex. Because of this, Bumble has become a leader in the dating scene in less than three years.

Read more: With Her Dating App, Women Are in Control

Before founding Bumble, Whitney was the co-founder of Tinder, a dating app under the Match Group. When she left the company and started her own, her idea of a feminist app proved to be a favorites in the market. this resulted in Whitney Wolfe being approached by executives from Match to sell Bumble. It is said that Match was willing to pay up to 1 billion dollars for Bumble. However, Whitney declined the offer.

After failing to convince Whitney Wolfe to sell her company to them, Match resorted to another method; a law suit against Bumble. Match filled a law suit claiming that Bumble had breached patent. They argue that the swipe left to connect feature is a feature borrowed from their app. They also claim that since Bumble’s Top executives are from Tinder, they had access to Tinder’s upcoming projects. Considering the fact that this law suit comes after a negative response from Whitney in regards to selling out to match, this could be a way of match bullying Bumble into submission.

The Medical Achievements of Humanitarian Dr. Saad Saad

Since graduating from Cairo University School of Medicine and completing his residency at the University of Medicine and Dentistry in New Jersey, Dr. Saad Saad, MD has established his own practice in Eatontown, NJ. He is affiliated with Monmouth Medical Center, Jersey Shore University Medical Center, and Riverview Medical Center, and has partnered with the Palestine Children’s Relief Foundation (PCRF). More than twenty years of experience with pediatric and general surgery have made Dr. Saad a sought-after doctor across the globe and he has been recognized for his ability to perform complex procedures.

The PCRF approached Dr. Saad in 2002 with a patient, a teenage boy whose gunshot wound complications had left him unable to eat. Unable to aid the boy’s condition with the resources allotted to them, the PCRF sent the patient to the United States, where Dr. Saad repaired his stomach and intestines.

Dr. Saad continued to partner with the PCRF and lend his expertise to other patients over the next decade. One such patient was a young girl, born with her intestines partially exposed and open to infection. When West Bank conditions proved difficult for the girl to overcome, she too was flown to Dr. Saad, who was able to close her abdomen entirely.

The third patient was a soccer player, partially paralyzed by an explosion and unable to walk. Though Dr. Saad did not have neurological expertise, he proved to be a great help to the boy by finding him a surgeon to perform a nerve transplant and facilitating his medical care so less than a year later, the athlete could walk back to his life.

While only three patients were flown to his practice in the US, Dr. Saad made eight trips out to Palestine himself to treat injured children locally between 2008 and 2015. His primary goal was to bring his help and expertise to underprivileged families who otherwise could not afford quality treatment. By flying out to Asia, Dr. Saad had access to several more patients and he kept the government and struggling citizens from having to pay the expenses necessary to transport patients to the US. Learn more:

Another major reason Dr. Saad traveled to Palestine was to teach the local medical staff how to do some of his procedures. During his first trip in May 2008, the Palestine doctors mainly observed his work, but by 2015, the roles had reversed, and the local surgeons could successfully perform the life-saving procedures.

Dr. Saad has received the Humanitarian Award from the PCRF in 2010 and the Gold Medal of Palestine directly from the president, Mahmoud Abbas, as a personal thank-you for all of his effort in both teaching the medical locals and saving the children.