CEO Barbara Stokes: Providing Homes For Victims Of Natural Disasters

Barbara Stokes became CEO of Green Structured Homes Delivered in 2011. The company is known for providing quality housing for disaster victims. The Mercer University grad and mother of three brought many years of proven leadership experience to the company. By the next year, Green Structured Homes had a contract with FEMA to deliver prefab houses to people who lost their homes to hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters. The company’s designs, produces and constructs safe, durable state-of-the-art houses and Stokes’ experience handling government contracts made the process of getting the contract smooth and seamless.

Using the latest in computer-aided design software, the company meets the highest engineering standards for accuracy and quality manufacturing in their production facility. As a result, Green Structured Homes Delivered creates mobile and modular house that are of the highest quality. Barbara Stokes has years of experience working with Boeing, the aircraft manufacturer, and research and development firm Pisces Corporation, this gave her expertise in guiding staff to focus on details to ensure they create only the highest quality products as a result.

The experience Barbara Stokes has in organization, manufacturing and management has made her a valuable asset to Green Structured Homes Delivered. She has been able to provide essential leadership for the company and others involved in the disaster relief construction industry. Her understanding of the process involved in coordinating critical tasks in pressure situations make her indispensable for helping the company take decisive effective action in the face of the devastation and chaos during natural disasters.

Barbara Stokes has a biomedical engineering and physics degree. That training has taught her to focus on details and has helped the Huntsville, Alabama based company to succeed. She also spends a great deal of time volunteering in her community. Green Structured Homes Delivered was the company FEMA called in 2017 when Hurricane Harvey struck the Houston, Texas area and left tens of thousands homeless. The displaced residents and FEMA were so impressed with the work of Barbara Stokes and the staff of Green Structured Homes Delivered that the company was given a new FEMA contract.

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