IDLife can help you get healthy, too

Neutraceuticals are an alternative medicine choice many people use to maintain their health. A number of alternative health practitioners recommend these methods to their patients. Even before people get to their alternative health practitioners, they turn to these methods. Some people use these methods to maintain their health or to avoid getting certain diseases. Some of the products IDLife sells can help with weight loss, balance hormones post menopause, improve male performance, and even help improve thyroid function. Thyroid function, along with the function of many other organs, naturally declines as people get older.

IDLife’s CEO Logan Stuart remains actively involved in the development of new products and in growing the brand. He recently partnered with Garmin to improve the quality of the products his company sells. Stuart comes from an entrepreneurial background, and has over sixteen years of experience with the company. As head of the network marketing company, he brings high quality neutraceuticals to thousands of people around the country. Stuart feels happy knowing he has not only helped people improve their health, he also takes pride in knowing that he has helped thousands of people start there own business.

The network marketing company has people starting their own small businesses or side businesses in every state. Many of the people interested in these business opportunities use these products themselves and believe in them. The network marketing model provides individuals with a chance to meet new people and practice their salesmanship. Even if someone does not plan on quitting their day job, he or she can still make a reliable side income. For more info about us: click here.

Many similar companies do not offer the same level of support that IDLife does to its consultants. When a new consultant joins the IDLife program, he or she can expect to hear often from his supervisors with tips and advice. It is especially helpful for people just starting the program.

Goettl Air Conditioning Is the Shining Example of Good Business Practices

Goettl Air Conditioning was established in 1932 by two brothers, Adam and Gust who pioneered the evaporative cooler and refrigerated air conditioning technology in the hot desert communities of Arizona and Nevada. When air conditioning became available in this region, it changed the lifestyle of the people and helped to expand the population of the desert communities.

Great customer service has been the hallmark of the Goettl company along with expertise in the heating and air conditioning field, along with fair pricing. There have been different owners over the years, but Goettl continued to provide excellent value to several generations of families all of that time.

That was not the case, however during the late nineties the company was purchased by a national management company and the transaction did not turn out well. To give credit where credit is due, the management company thought in its own way that it was doing the right thing, but they could just not effectively manage a service company that spread over the three major cities of Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas. Check out Indeed for more.

The day-to-day issues require someone with authority on site, and when too much decision-making power is off-site it just doesn’t work. The result was turmoil and dissatisfied customers. In addition employees were frustrated because they did not always have the authority to make on-the-spot decisions in regard to customer service.

Ken Goodrich purchased Goettl in 2013 and knew what he was walking into. His entire business history was that of purchasing companies which were heading the wrong way and then turning them around into a profitable enterprise. Goodrich knew that he had an excellent company, just by investigating the track record.

Goodrich jumped right in and started having meetings with customers and employees, telling them his plan for a great turn-around. He immediately put into place a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on all sales, installations, parts and anything else that Goettl did for customers. He blasted the airwaves with ads, telling people that Goettl was back. He ran specials. He got the Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas locations involved in the community. An example was the 50,000 cases of water Goettl distributed to the homeless in Phoenix during a particularly hot spell.

According to BizJournal the other factor that boosted the comeback was the acquisition of Walton’s Heating and Air in Southern California. Former owner Todd Longbrake had tried unsuccessfully to grow and expand, but had run out of ideas. When Goettl and Walton’s joined forces, the total business expanded tenfold for both entities. Follow his Twitter page

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Equities First Holdings Wikipedia

Equities First Holding is one of the best financial branches out there. Not only is the company able locator to the individual, but they are also able to help large cooperation. To put it simply, this company helps people with finical problems that they might have. If you are having issues budgeting money, keeping your books together, then this company is prepared to assist you with any related mattes. If you are having trouble planning for you future,and would like to know which expenses to keep track of then this is the company for you. If you are in need of a loan and would like to find the best place to go in order to revive that loan ten this is the place for you. This is a one stop shop for all of your financial inquires that you might have through the course of your entire life.


George Soros makes change easy for democrats

I like to think of money as fertilizer. Fertilizer is only good for spreading around and making things grow. Money is the same, especially when it comes to ideologies. Money helps those ideologies spread, often by giving them wider distribution. One man who understands this concept is George Soros, and since he is constantly backing the Democrats. He has become a thorn in the side of Republicans. This is why they call him the Boogeyman and read full article.

Being an adversary the Republicans, he continuously funds their political rivals and enemies. During the election of 2004, George Soros longed to dethrone a weak George W. Bush and topple his presidency. Soros funded Bush’s political contender that year, John Kerry. Up until that time, it was normal for high dollar donors to give a few million in political donations. Soros broke the accepted norm by giving John Kerry $27 million. Soros broke down when Kerry failed to become the next president and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

In 2008, Soros tried again. He struggled between choosing his friend Hillary Clinton who has always counted on his donations to back or the emerging candidate taking the world by storm, Barack Obama. Eventually, Soros settled on Obama over Clinton. He believed Obama would be more aggressive in pushing a liberal agenda. However, Obama disappointed Soros by not being liberal enough and learn more about George Soros.

Soros returned to the political landscape in 2016 to embolden the ranks of Hillary Clinton in her political war with Donald Trump. Soros funded her with a jaw dropping amount of $25 million. This empowered her to take out massive campaign ads in order to sink Trump’s chances. Soros also aided several senators in the party by donating over $1.5 to their various campaigns. Even though they had all this money, Democrats suffered a historic defeat that year and very few were elected to office. While democrats licked their wounds, this fighter Soros got up and began throwing his financial weight around. You see, it wasn’t easy to defeat Soros. This battle hardened man worked his way through London’s School of Economy by working as a waiter and rail porter. He did not know how to give up. This attitude gained him a net worth of $25.2 billion according to Soros put this net worth in the places it was needed to stop Trump’s agenda and what George Soros knows.

Soros gave huge sums of money to organizations that supported Planned Parenthood. He also gave money to Super Pacs that sponsored candidates who lobbied for immigration rights, abortion rights, and free press. Soros also organized protests where people could get together and show their disproval of Trump’s policies. We see this working at the now famous pink-hat march in DC and Follow him

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Jose Auriemo Neto leads JHSF on to become the leading Brazilian property developer

Over the last forty years, Brazil has begun developing into one of the most advanced nations in all of Latin America. Much of this has been attributable to the vast influx of foreign capital, largely attracted by new luxury developments and economic opportunities created by Brazilian industry.

One company, JHSF Participacaoes, has been instrumental in this transformation of Brazil from third-world backwater into one of the leading nations of Latin America. Under the leadership of Jose Auriemo Neto, the son of the founder of the company, JHSF Participacaoes has become one of the leading real estate developers in Brazil, specializing in high-end real estate development, including shopping center, condominiums and high-end office space.

The company is focused primarily in the area of Sao Paulo state, creating some of the most sought-after luxury residential developments ever constructed in that area of Brazil. One example of a typical JHSF Participacaoes project is Parque Cidade Jardim, a sprawling, ultra-modern luxury development. The project features nine residential condominium towers, four Class A office towers and one of the most luxurious shopping malls in the entire country of Brazil. Even before the construction was completed, the development had completely sold out, breaking all records for the city of Sao Paulo.

JHSF Participacaoes has also been responsible for the construction of crucial infrastructure. Some of these projects have been deliberately geared towards attracting foreign capital to the country, contributing vast sums of new money to the development of cities such as Sao Paulo, Salvador and Manaus.

One project that illustrates Auriemo Neto’s dedication to building developments that will attract foreign capital was the construction of the Sao Paolo Catarina Executive Airport, the largest private airport in the country. This airport features an 8000-foot runway, large enough to accommodate intercontinental-range private jets favored by the global elite. This project has been credited with bringing in great numbers of wealthy foreigners, who are often looking for places to locate their second homes or vacation properties.

The overall strategy of seeking to attract foreign capital has done great things, not just for JHSF Participacaoes itself but for all of Brazil. For this reason, Auriemo Neto is widely considered to be one of the most important entrepreneurs currently operating in the country.

Beneful Dog Food Available at Walmart for Low Prices!

Beneful dog food is carried in every Walmart retail location that sells pet supplies as well as on Walmart’s website. Walmart carries a variety of Beneful dog food including wet food, dry food, and treats. Almost any variety or flavor of Beneful can be purchased at Walmart. Prices vary by flavor, type, and package size. Beneful wet food can be purchased at Walmart in single containers or multipacks starts as low as sixteen cents per ounce. Beneful dry food is available in bags from 4.5 lb to 40 lbs for as little as eighty-five cents a pound. Walmart does not carry Beneful Healthy Weight with Real Salmon. Beneful dry dog food with real ingredients, including chicken, beef, and salmon is carried at Walmart. A 15.5-pound bag can be purchased for $13.98. Coupons for Beneful products can be found periodically in Sunday newspaper inserts or printed from Beneful’s website.


Did Prostate Screenings Just Get Easier?

The most common type of cancer among men is Prostate cancer. There are currently 2.9 million men in the United States living with Prostate cancer today. In an effort to raise awareness for the condition and the importance of routine screening, the National Football League Alumni Association, Cancer Treatment Centers of America and LabCorp are working together to help make screenings more accessible for all men.

For a limited time, qualifying 2,000 men ages 40 and older may receive a Prostate Specific Antigen screening by LabCorp, free of charge. The hard work doesn’t stop there, for those who are unable to snag a spot in the first 2,000, the screenings will be offered at a discounted price of $25 throughout the remainder of the sign-up period. Researchers estimate that one in seven men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. Routine screenings and proper education are both essential to living a happy, healthy and worry-free life.

Since 1988, people from all over have trusted Cancer Treatment Centers of America with help treating and managing their condition. Based in Boca Raton, Florida, Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a national network of five private hospitals dedicated to improving the lives of cancer patients in the United States. Aside from traditional treatment options like chemotherapy and immunotherapy, they also offer more integrative approaches to treatment to help lessen or manage side effects.

By assessing each patient individually, the network develops a personalized treatment plan to help restore the quality of life, and give patients and families their smiles back. Each patient is assigned a multidisciplinary team of professionals committed to helping patients maintain their confidence and energy both during and after treatment. By working together, the team at Cancer Treatment Centers of America has helped patients remain strong and healthy in the face of illness.


Mikhail Blagosklonny Lists the Healing Effects of Rapamycin

Mikhail Blagosklonny, a leading researcher focuses on anti-aging and oncology, explained the healing effects of Rapamycin. It should be noted that the drug that was isolated from Sirolimus bacterium in 1972 was initially used as an anti-fungal medicine. Later, researchers identified the antiproliferative and immunosuppressive properties. However, the studies of Blagosklonny revealed many characteristics of the drug and later helped the physicians to use it for various treatment purposes. He says that immunosuppressant property of the drug makes it an ideal choice for the medication that can be applied to patients who have gone for organ transplantation. Rapamycin can avoid the risk of the organ being rejected by the human body. It also offers a lower level of toxic condition to kidneys compared to other drugs.A rare disease condition of kidney failure, low platelet count, and anemia, hemolytic-uremic syndrome, can be treated using the drug. It is observed that such patients who go for a kidney transplant have a high risk of disease being imparted on the new kidney. Rapamycin gives effective results in such cases by offering lower toxicity levels to the organs.

A sporadic lung disease, Lymphangioleiomyomatosis, that affects women during their pregnancy stage can get the help of the drug as Rapamycin is the primary drug accepted by the board for treatment. While coming to the treatment of cancer, the antiproliferative properties of the medicine ensure an increased immune response in the human body against the cancer cells. It also creates regression against cancer and acts as a preventive medicine.Rapamycin can also efficiently used to treat Tuberous Sclerosis Complex, a congenital disorder that causes benign tumor growth in principal organs of the human body including the brain, kidney, heart, and more. The drug can give excellent results in both youngsters and adults. Blagosklonny says that Rapamycin also alleviates the effects of Facial angiofibromas that are due to TSC. He did extensive research on the anti-age properties of Rapamycin and confirmed that if administered in proper doses, the drug has the capacity to reverse the aging. Interestingly, Blagosklonny conducted the tests on mice and showed that it creates an immunological rejuvenation.

Blagosklonny is also a philanthropist and a well-known professor. He dreams to develop treatment options for cancer that can ensure effective cure while offering affordability to every section of people, regardless of their economic conditions. Blagosklonny also researches on the increased risk of cancer with respect age as he researches in both aging and cancer. Researchers, doctoral students, and physicians around the world follow his researchers and get in touch with him for guidance and assistance. Blagosklonny is also an inspiration to his colleagues and students across the globe.Mikhail Blagosklonny has another ambition of introducing a cancer treatment process that ensures effective remedy to the disease and at the same time, providing a quicker recovery. He is working on a treatment process that can destroy cancer cells efficiently without causing any damage to the healthy cells. Blagosklonny thinks that he should achieve maximum progress in his missions so that other researchers can pick from there and make his dream a reality.

Julia Jackson Wants To Fill Your Glass

Julia JacksonWho doesn’t enjoy a good glass of wine? After a long day or a long week, we all deserve a little unwinding. Let’s admit, there’s something about a nice glass of wine that seems to help our troubles fade away for a moment. While there may be several options available for you to get your sip on, there are a few that take the cake or the cork in this case.Julia Jackson of Jackson Family Wines has always had an interest in wine. Born and raised in San Fransisco, California, Jackson has been a long time hands-on member of the family business. Her experience with wine began when she was just a young girl, and learned to pick and sort grapes that would be used to produce the family’s famous wineJulia Jackson

After school and during the summer, she dedicated herself to working several of the family wineries. It was during that time she met one of her closest friends. Being truly interested in her friend’s culture and diversity as a whole, Jackson spent a summer in France. Inspired by their culture and the unique differences offered through diversity, she went on to become a sixth-grade French teacher.Today, Julia Jackson proudly works with the international sales team at Jackson Family Wines to help deliver some of the best tasting wines right from her family winery to your glass.

Highland Capital Management: Experience and Success

Highland Capital Management is an investment management firm that specializes in alternative investments as opposed to more traditional ones. Highland Capital was founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada in 1993 in Dallas, Texas. Altogether, the firm boasts an estimated $18.7 billion worth of assets under control in 2014. The company’s continuous growth has seen offices spread to other parts of the world including London, Singapore and New York City. These accomplishments make Highland Capital Management one of the largest and well-known alternative credit managers on a global scale. The company also prides themselves on hiring well-experienced and trained professionals to provide customers with unparalleled customer service.

With nearly 15 years in business, Highland Capital Management has earned a reputation for offering world class services in their specialized areas. The company specializes in distressed and special situations private equity, separate accounts and long-only funds, credit strategies, and collateralized loan obligations (CLO) for which the company is most recognized. Highland Capital Management also offers their customers alternative investment options. These types of investment differ from the more traditional form of investments such as stocks but also have their benefits. Highland Capital Management offers opportunities to invest in long/short equities, emerging markets and natural resources. The company ensures that all customers are provided with the most up-to-date knowledge and information in order to make the best decisions. Highland Capital Management representatives are qualified and well-trained to ensure that all customers are satisfied and feel well about their financial investments. The company knows how important these investments are to individuals and families.

Along with their undeniable success in the corporate world, Highland Capital Management also is incredibly active in philanthropic endeavors. In fact, Highland Capital has been responsible for over $10 million of donations since 2005. These donations have been invested into several different non-profits and charitable projects locally as well as around the world. Highland Capital holds a strong belief in giving back to the community through dedicating time and services. For this reason, the company invests in more than simply financial markets. Highland Capital Management is involved in community organizations, national nonprofits, advisory boards and volunteerism.