Bruce Levenson Seeks Legal Remedy To Insurance Claim Issues

Bruce Levenson has been looking into new areas to provide philanthropic assistance to communities around the world since he sold his stake in the NBA franchise, the Atlanta Hawks. However, the Maryland based businessperson and community activist has now been brought back to the Hawks franchise with a legal battle between his group of former owners and the insurance battle AIG; the problems between AIG and Levenson’s Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment group date back to the mutual termination of General Manager Danny Ferry.

Final bids for the Hawks franchise were submitted by those interested in purchasing the team on April 10 2015 and eventually saw the group headed by billionaire technology executive Tony Ressler buy the franchise with a $730 million bid ( Around the same time as the final bids for the franchise were being submitted Bruce Levenson’s legal team began to negotiate with AIG over the issue of Danny Ferry’s comments and actions during the sale of the one time NBA Championship winner. Eventually, AIG agreed with Levenson’s group that Ferry’s actions were grounds to trigger the constructive dismissal clause of the workplace insurance policy of the group; however, Levenson’s group now state they have yet to hear from the insurance giant since the June 2015 sale of the Atlanta Hawks and have filed papers in a Fulton County court in a bid to bring the matter to a successful close.

Time Magazine reveals that Bruce Levenson has recently been seeking new and improved ways of assisting others, including his commitment to raise funds for the Anti-Defamation League and through various Jewish faith based groups. Bruce Levenson continues to look for success as a business leader devoted to providing the best possible service through his United Communications Group, TechTarget, and GasBuddy companies.


Kate Hudson Give Amazon a Run for Their Money

Those who know Kate Hudson understand her passion for the fit life. It’s the same zeal that fueled the launch of Fabletics, an activewear online store that is causing an uproar in the fashion industry. Fabletics is now giving Amazon sleepless nights.


Amazon controls 20% of online fashion sales, so it’s hard not to think of this competition when launching a rival brand. However, Kate Hudson and the Fabletics were able to beat the odds, effortlessly by using a strategy very few fashion houses can compete with. Their method is straightforward; providing an amazing online and offline consumer experience using three marketing tricks.


Reverse Showrooming


Showrooming is basically letting your customers experience the product before buying it. It was a marketing tool designed to convert window shoppers into regular clients. Sadly, this strategy failed to work for many clothing stores, prompting Fabletics to re-invent the wheel.


Kate Hudson and team are now using what is called the reversed showroom. When a customer walks in their physical store, they get an experience they never forget. Once they try on a clothing they like, it automatically reflect on their online shopping cart. So it is only a matter of checking out later when they finally decide to buy. Fabletics completely respects the clients’ freedom to forego or purchase—they only make the retail experience unforgettable.


Online Data Influences Retail


To give the best retail experience ever, Fabletics understood one simple detail; paying attention to client feedback. They are keen on what membership preference the client chooses; they gather all social media sentiments from members and potential clients; they monitor their real time sales transactions and even frequently analyze store heat map data. All this is done so that they stock only what the client wants and only update their stores when new trends come in.


This explains why Fabletics never incur dormant inventory. A lot of fashion houses have to go through the gruesome ordeal of ridiculous flash sales just to clear old stock. Fabletics only gets what the customer needs, thus it is no wonder they grossed $250 million in net worth, in just 3 years.


A Clear Vision for Growth


Since its launch, Fabletics has always focused on making active wear apparels accessible to people with available technology. Their focus on lifestyle, retail experience, and consumer education is what makes Fabletics one of the few fashion houses that are risk positive and understand the needs of the new age consumer.


Their strategy to beat Amazon was no hard nut to crack; it was basically ensuring an exhilarating offline and online retail experience combined with reinventing the showrooming technique.


About Fabletics


Fabletics is an online fashion store that offers fashionable and pocket friendly activewear to both men and women. The online store retails its athleisure clothing through a subscription plan that adapts to the client’s lifestyle and fashion preference.


Fabletics was established in June 2013 by Kate Hudson and her two business partners, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. Their headquarter is in El Segundo, California and they ship their fashion products to global clienteles.



George Soros Makes Huge Donations In Florida And Against Hate Crimes

New reports show that billionaire investor George Soros donated over $900,000 dollars to help Aramis Ayala win the State Attorney race in Florida’s 9th Judicial Circuit. That brings his statewide total to over $1.8 million this year alone.

The Democrat Aramis Ayala, who had served as Assistant State Attorney in the 10th Judicial Circuit from 2002-2004, was not expected to win against the incumbent State Attorney Jeff Ashton. Ayala told reporters she was thankful to be given the chance to represent Floridians as the new State Attorney for the 9th Judicial Circuit.

Ayala has a great deal of experience with the judicial system in Florida. Ayala has worked as an Assistant Public Defender in the 9th Judicial Circuit, a Legal Analyst for Fox 35 Orlando, and a professor at both the University of Central Florida and Florida A&M University. Ayala received her B.A. in Political Science at the University of Michigan and her Master of Science in Criminal Justice from University of Central Florida.

Although Americans primarily know Soros for his large donations to national races, he has been actively involved in many local and state elections in recent times. Soros almost always supports Democratic candidates and causes.

A few other candidates Soros helped in the Sunshine State include Vic Torres in Senate District 15 and Emily Bonilla in Orange County Board of Commissioners District 5. Both of these Democratic candidates also defeated the Republicans in their respective races.

But all of George Soros’ investments did not end in victory. Benny Valentin, who ran for the Florida House District 42, lost to Republican Mike La Rosa. Also, Soros invested in Beth Tuura’s race for Florida House District 47. Tuura lost to Republican Mike Miller.

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Most people are aware that Soros was extremely active in the most recent presidential election. Soros donated over $6 million to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Of course, Republican Donald Trump won the election against Clinton in November. Trump’s victory, however, has not silenced Soros one bit.

Most recently, George Soros told reporters he would donate over $10 million dollars to stop hate crimes in the USA. Soros, who was born into a Jewish family in Hungary during World War II, says he is frightened by the rise in hate crimes following Trump’s victory.

This $10 million donation will come right out of Soros’s organization called the Open Society Foundation. This money will go to various organizations around the nation dedicated to fighting the spread of hate crimes.

Soros cited a recent study put out by the Southern Poverty Law Center that showed a dramatic increase in hate crimes after Trump’s election. The Southern Poverty Law Center said they received calls for over 900 harassment cases on November 8th and 9th.

Members of the Open Society Foundation hope this money will help those experiencing hate speech or violence get the legal help they need to take these cases to court. Soros himself said he remembers his own experiences during the Holocaust and wants to protect the USA from falling into the flames of fascism.

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