George Soros: Political Powerhouse

In a recent Politico article by Kenneth Vogel, he talks about how George Soros is once again a political-funding powerhouse for the Democrats. He was formerly a huge donor for them, but he skipped a few election cycles since his backing of John Kerry in 2004, and for Barack Obama in 2008.

George Soros is a native of Hungary, and he is known for his fierce political beliefs. He feels that this election cycle, Hillary Clinton will be the best president, and he has once again reaffirmed his stance with the Democrats. Soros, who has a net worth of over 20 billion dollars, made Soros money from risky hedge fund ventures that he did throughout his professional career. This election, he is known as one of the Democrats biggest donors, because he donated 25 million dollars to Hillary Clinton, and for other Democrat elections on

People who are close to George Soros feel that he is more politically active this election cycle due to the economic and political events that are happening throughout the world. Due to such things that have happened this year, such as the Brexit event in the United Kingdom, or the stock market fluctuations that are happening in China, he chose to not go to the Democratic National Convention on

One of the aspects that George Soros has also decided to focus in on this election, is he wants to make sure that immigrants to The United States make it to the polls on election day. As an immigrant himself, he wants to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to vote. Specially, he donated five million dollars to a super Pac called Immigrant Voters Win that has a sole purpose of getting low-income Hispanic voters to the polls in swing states.

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Equities First Holdings Soaring with Success

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