Everything is Love with OG Juan

Jay Z and Beyonce released a new album called Everything is Love and they share their relationship with the world. They have called this album an art therapy session. Critics have given this album high reviews and it just so happens the couple will be touring soon. On this record Jay Z mentions a couple that they have been longtime friends with. He shouts out OG Juan and Desiree Perez. This couple has been working behind the scenes on several albums and often do not get the attention they deserve for their work.

This is the most personal record released by the couple. Not only are they open and honest they are mentioning everyone that played an important part in their life. This includes OG Juan as well as Dez. OG Juan has been working with Jay Z at Roc A Fella records since 1996. He has helped run the record company and was part of the daily operations. He also helped open and run the 40/40 club with Jay Z. OG Juan was first mentioned on The Black Album in 2003.While Dez did not help with the entire album she was still there for part of it and worked hard to help make it a success in the studio.

While OG Juan focused on running the 40/40 club he has been mentioned in different albums for Jay Z. The pair works so well together that they decided to open a sports agency called Roc Nation Sports and this has been another success. It is OG Juan himself that is President of this sports company. OG Juan and Dez have helped make a $150 million-dollar deal with Live Nation for concert promotions for Jay Z and Beyonce. The couple has some close friends and with all this money making it is nothing but love.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus Provides Solutions For Cancer Patients

Since its inception in 2015 Tempus has actively taken part in the fight against cancer. The tech company invented an operating system to this effect. Thanks to the efforts of its co-founder, Eric Lefkofsky, the company continues to lead the way in this regard. One of his kins who was battling the condition inspired him to establish the firm. He is making the most of technology to offer personalized treatment to cancer patients. The Chicago based firm has continued to provide physicians with well analysed data for efficient cancer treatment.

The huge strides that the company has made have all stemmed from a desire to alleviate the suffering of cancer patients. Eric Lefkofsky has brought on board the best minds in the industry to help him achieve his goals. A recent investment package is bound to considerably cut down on the sequencing costs. This will contribute greatly to precision medicine as doctors rely on more than one sequencing test during the treatment of their patients. Eric Lefkofsky believes that this will cause a reasonable improvement in cancer patient care and treatment. He has also invested in the e-commerce industry with Groupon which he chairs.He is the co-founder of most of them and doubles up as the chief executive.

Eric Lefkofsky gives back to the society mainly through the Lefkofsky Family Foundation which he established with Liz, his wife. The foundation seeks to ease the lives of people in the communities it reaches out to. The JD holder attended the University of Michigan where he completed both his undergraduate and graduate studies. Eric Lefkofsky usually lectures University of Chicago the law students department. His vast experience has earned him a place in Steppenwolf Theatre Company’s board. The Institute of Chicago also has him as a Trustee for their School of Art.

Fortress Investment Group’s Growth Continues

Since the time it began, Fortress Investment has for a long time been setting the pace in the industry. The company has expanded over the years; the company is administering assets totaling over forty-three billion dollars. 1750 investors are linked with the company getting services in hedge funds, permanent capital vehicle and private equity. The company guarantees strong risk-adjusted returns for investors who have long-term ambitions. The leadership provided by the management is solid. Two of the top executive were founder members. Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Rob Kauffman founded Fortress Investment Group in 1998. All the founding members have been with the company providing the much needed personal touch needed during the initial stages.

The founders had previously worked together which created ready chemistry. They also brought with them sound expertise and deep experience from well-known companies such as BlackRock Financial Management, the Goldman Sachs, and UBS. Fortress Group grew rapidly, and in 2007, it was among the first of its kind in New York to go public in the stock exchange. Fortress Investment Group’s main goal at the time was to provide an alternative-asset strategy that upgrades private equity into advanced capital vehicles. The core areas of specialization are clearly defined as; asset-based investing, operation management, corporate mergers, sector-specific knowledge and capital markets. Fortress has created investing and innovative mechanisms which make value extraction from its investments very efficient.

Recently, Softbank Group Corp acquired shares in Fortress Investment Group. The move is set to make Fortress Investment Group operate within SoftBank but independently based in New York. SoftBank has however insisted that leadership will remain in place to ensure certainty and continuity of success. The culture and business model is also set to be retained. Peter Briger will continue as the Co-chairman, and Randal Nardone continues as the CEO. Two decades of operation has seen Fortress Investment Group gain experience in managing acquisitions and mergers. The interaction and network that personnel from Fortress enjoy with a variety of corporate stakeholders, board members, and management professionals. The clientele that deals with Fortress Investment trust the company because of its impeccable track record in managing portfolio companies.


The US Reserve was initiated by gold market veterans who recognized a need to combine customer service and expert market knowledge.

The US Money Reserve is a coin dealer that distributes and sells silver, gold and platinum bars. The company was formed in 2001 and have become the largest distributors in the country.

The company has uniquely trained personnel includes coin research and numismatic teams equipped with the knowledge of the market to find precious metal buyers at every level in the market. The direct response television industry honors the top cable advertisers every year.

For two consecutive years, the US Money Reserve has won two AdSphere awards for being recognized for its success in the highly competitive industry. The AdSphere awards recognize best advertisers across sectors such as short-form products, lead generation, and branding.

The Perth Mint has named the company as the distributor of the new Queen Elizabeth (ii) proof set in America since there is a need in rare coins and exclusive proof sets.

The company does not only handle the individual coins but also advertises their services to create awareness so as new clients understand how the US Money Reserve works. Read more: US Money Reserve | Bizjournals and US Money Researve | Instagram

The CEO of the company said during the winning of the award that the motivation to serve the public drives the company’s efforts in the industry.

The sphere monitors a channel of more than 120 national networks. The awards recognize top brands across a wide range of sectors in the DRTV industry. Gold has been the world’s greatest asset, and that is why we see gold’s highest price surges during moments of economic uncertainty.

The precious metal is tangible and vulnerable to being volatile thus making gold a powerful government-approved tool in protecting a customer’s savings in case of a global risk or loss.

With trade wars and worldwide threats occurring every day, some experts could have noticed economic risk coming its way. This is the reason why US Money Reserve is offering new customers an opportunity to buy 0.1 oz. Gold Eagles Coins at a cost. Gold has recently suffered losses due to a stronger US dollar. Learn more about US Money Reserve: https://www.indeed.com/cmp/U.S.-Money-Reserve and https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/us-money-reserve-president-to-hold-emergency-gold-conference-300486354.html

However, the further rise of trade wars could take away from the dollar’s gains and boost the precious metal. The rising interest rates will increase pressure on the government funds and push interest payments to record levels, and by 2048 the interest rates could equal the spending on social security in the country.

Premium Waters and Going to Waiakea

There is one interesting story when it comes to people and their journey to finding great water. This story has started when certain companies have been telling people that the water from the tap is not very healthy. This has led people to bottled water. Many people have been believing that they have been drinking cleaner and healthier water. However, there has been certain talk about the nature of plastic and the contaminants that come with it. Another thing that has been pointed out is that some of the water from the bottled water companies is even more acidic than some of the tap water that has been consumed. This has led people to search for enhanced waters.

One thing that attracted people to enhanced waters is the idea that the water they get from brands like Smartwater and similar brands have electrolytes that are going to replenish them even better than the regular water brands. However, certain issues have been revealed about brands like Smartwater. One thing that has been revealed is that the water is not that far from being acidic. Therefore, people who really want to have healthy water need to look into brands like Waiakea.

Waiakea’s story is that the water is filtered through the volcanic rocks into an aquifer. One thing that happens during the filtering is that the water gathers minerals. The best part is that it rains everyday in that area. Therefore, this company is sustainable. The water has a high alkalinity. This means that people are not only going to fully replenish and rejuvenate themselves, but they are also going to be able to keep themselves healthy. They may also experience some anti-aging benefits from Waiakea as they continue to live a lifestyle that is very healthy. Waiakea is the best water for people who want something premium.


Why to consider neurocore as a healthcare partner

Founded in 2004, neurocore is a health center aimed at improving the brains productivity, neurocore have identified that there is a growing need to address issues such as sleep disorders, anxiety as well as stress. Neurocore has so far established eight facilities both in Michigan and Florida and work towards improving people’s lives. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Neurocore not only uses modern methods to treat the disorder, but they also use diets as well as social activities that help to restore the ability of the brain naturally. Neurocore uses boot camps as one of the ways to release some of the negative energy affecting our body’s functioning. They also recommend diets that involve natural foods with supplements necessary to boost the brain.

Neurocore also has a team of experts, and makes use of the brain coaches who monitor the patients, patients get a private session with their brain coach and thus able to heal in a safe environment.

The process of diagnosis.

One of the things that have increased the popularity of neurocore is their prowess in paying attention to detail, the company first analyses your issue, before administering any treatment it is essential to have a clear understanding of what is affecting you and the best way to deal with the problem.

Visit: https://www.facebook.com/NeurocoreLivonia/

The second step involves coming up with a specific treatment for the client, the team of experts then work together to come up with a suitable solution. Each patient at Neurocore is treated differently, making it a unique factor about their services.

The third and final stage involves the monitoring after the therapy is administered, it is essential to observe the outcome of the treatment this gives the doctors an opportunity to improve o their methods as well as ensure that the patient benefits fully from the program.

Good healthcare is critical and it necessary to seek help from the best health institutions. Neurocore not only helps to improve the way of life. But also helps to deal with health issues using natural method making it safer and more effective. Neurocore also stands out for embracing new technology and assisting patients by using modern therapies. Read more about Neurocore at glassdoor.com.

Importance of Freedom Checks

A different tax plan was passed, and this is beneficial to the companies since their coffers will expand since the tax breaks are coming. The American taxpayers as well look forward to the increase of money in their bank accounts when $34.6 billion will be paid out in the subsequent month. This means that a significant number of Americans anticipate the cash that they will get because of single simple investment tactic. Visit the website freedomchecks.com to learn more.

The person who introduced the Freedom checks is known as Matt Badiali. He did it in a video to let the whole world know each person can benefit from the tests. The age, the amount of money people make, and the cash they have in the bank don’t matter when it comes to benefiting from the checks. Everybody can begin to collect the checks in July though they will have to be put in place in the market before date 1 in July.

Matt Badiali added that since the new tax plan is out, the private Freedom Checks program can become the most massive money grab in history. To participate in this program, approximately 90 per cent of the firm’s returns have to come from different sectors such as storage, transportation, processing as well as the production of the natural resources. In case the firm fits the above description, then it must supply its profit to the stakeholders it has in Freedom Checks.

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Unlike the people who think that the United States government does not give the Freedom Checks, Matt Badiali believes that approximately not less than $34.6 billion value of the checks will be out by the end of June. He thinks that the government has even more potential of offering the monthly payments that are more than anything that a lot of people can expect to receive from the programs of the government such as the social security.

Just as the other investment opportunity that provides typically good and proven profitability, all the investors should dedicate their time and effort in learning and understanding how the Freedom Checks work. The order number one of the business is entirely getting rid of the idea of the checks. Matt Badiali stresses in his eye-opening newsletter known as the Real Wealth Strategist that no one can expect to start getting the checks without first acquiring the knowledge terms and conditions behind them. This means they must learn about the Statute 26-F and the master limited partnerships. Learn more about Freedom Checks at dailyreckoning.com.

Mina Ebrahimi Encourages People To Take Responsibility Seriously

Mina Ebrahimi is not only a successful entrepreneur but is also someone who takes her responsibilities seriously. She encourages others to take their responsibilities seriously. One thing that she is encouraging people to do is take personal responsibility in their work performance. This includes showing up on time and doing all of the tasks. Sometimes, this means going above and beyond the tasks. The same can be said for an entrepreneur. It is important for the entrepreneur to make sure that she is on time for what she aims to do so that she will get everything done and on time.


Another thing that is responsible for an entrepreneur to do is organize every aspect of her day. For instance, setting up a schedule is going to be very helpful for getting everything done. In order to set up the schedule, it is important for the entrepreneur to make sure that she is making progress. Sometimes, this means pacing herself. While people are praised for being hard workers, the most productive and effective person is the one who is organized in his efforts. Therefore, it is up to the worker to make sure that he has everything planned out.


Mina Ebrahimi is willing to help people work out some kind of plan that can help them get everything done. When a workplace is organized, then people are more likely to get everything done for the day. People who are working frantically and chaotically throughout the day are like people who sprint in place. One of the issues with clutter is that it can set people back a little. For those who are responsible, one of the secrets to their responsibility is that they are structured. With the right type of structure, people can not only achieve their daily goals but also make progress.




Jeff Yastine: A Talented Investor who can Foresee the Future

Jeff Yastine is an expert in the field of investing in the stock market. He also has experience in financial journalism, so it is no longer a surprise when he announced that he would be joining the Banyan Hill Publishing Company to become an editorial director. He joined the company in 2015, and he stated that his twenty years of experience in investing in the stock market would help him reach hundreds of thousands of readers, teaching them new knowledge on how to succeed in the world of investing. His specialization is writing about the current trend in the financial market to give the investors a hint and understanding of what business or companies would be a great way to invest in. He also assures the public that he will do his best to become an instrument for them to gain more profit through the guides and the tips that he will be sharing. Visit Kennedy Accounts to know more.


Before working with the Banyan Hill Publishing Company, Jeff Yastine established himself as an investment expert when he hosted the PBS Nightly Business Report, an award-winning television show from 1994 to 2010. He interviewed a lot of influential business people on his show, including the likes of Warren Buffet, Michael Dell, and Richard Branson. The knowledge that he gained from the business experts helped him understand how the market works. Through practice, he developed a strategy that would allow him to conquer the stock market, and he was able to do it effectively after doing a lot of research and experimentation. Follow Jeff on Twitter.

After he developed the skill to watch out for the condition of the local economy, Jeff Yastine released a report stating how he perceives the market to react. He helped a lot of investors during the 1990s tech bubble and the 2000s real estate crisis, and he has foreseen that the market would crash. He repeatedly warned the investors about the crash, and most of those who are watching his show opted to take all of their investments, and they were spared from the economic disaster. Jeff Yastine received several awards because of his performance being a television host, and because of his ability to see through the market and help the society about any changes that might happen.


Currently, he writes for the Total Wealth Insider, and he also considers writing for other newsletters published by the Banyan Hill Publishing Company. Jeff Yastine assured his readers that more informational articles would be coming from him.

Check: https://seekingalpha.com/user/48543045/stocktalks

Anil Chaturvedi: Seasoned Personnel in Banking

Anil Chaturvedi is a managing director at Hinduja Bank located in Geneva Area in Switzerland. His specialty is in banking. Anil Chaturvedi has also worked with Merrill Lynch, State Bank of India, and ANZ Grindlays Bank in New York among others. Anil Chaturvedi attended Delhi University. Anil Chaturvedi is a seasoned banker with expertise in the area for more than forty years. He has worked in the leading banks in the world. Anil specializes in the area of private and corporate banking, corporate advisory, and investment banking. He conducts this on the special focus of managing cross-border transactions between India and Europe in specific.


He portrays a wide range of experiences and expertise in different capacities. Since 2011, Anil Chaturvedi works as the managing director of Hinduja Bank. His responsibility in the bank is to develop all corporate advisory businesses. This entails facilitation of cross-border alliances in different continents, mergers, and acquisitions, credit syndication, and sale & restricting of distressed assets. He also manages the strategies of raising capital from international organizations and institutional investors. Before joining Hinduja Bank, Anil served as international managing director of Merrill Lynch. Earlier on, he was the vice president and senior US operations representative of ANZ Grindlays in New York. In the frim, Anil’s role was to lead the operations of the bank. He was held accountable for all the marketing, product development and regulatory and compliance matters. Moreover, he develops leadership skills as well as forming beneficial bank models. Anil Chaturvedi career started out as a manager of development & planning department at State Bank of India. He was charged with the responsibilities of strategic planning as well as the execution of the marketing approaches. He led very successful implementations and marketing strategies that earned the company a lot of revenue. As a result, Anil Chaturvedi was honored with the Man of the year award.


Anil Chaturvedi has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Delhi University. In 1971 to 1973, Anil proceeded to receive his Masters in Bachelor of Arts in Financial Management from FMS, Delhi University. Anil is a man with rich skills and talents in more than 40 topics.